Meadow IoT

Full-Stack IoT Platform

Meadow is a complete, IoT platform with defense-grade security that runs full .NET applications on embeddable microcontrollers.


Instantly deploy and manage your fleet in the cloud for OtA, health monitoring, logs, command + control, and enterprise integrations.

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Reference hardware and accelerators kits to jumpstart your project all on MCUs. Additionally, can work on Windows and Linux.

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The Meadow IoT platform is an all-in-one solution that supports your entire IoT lifecycle.



Go from prototype to production on the same hardware, with the same code, using your existing skills.


from One to a Million Devices.

From your first deployment, to your millionth device and beyond, Meadow.Cloud enables effortless fleet management at scale.


with Defense-Grade Security.

Designed from the ground-up to support critical infrastructure and defense solutions, Meadow is a security-first platform.

How it Works

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Meadow is a complete, IoT platform with defense-grade security that runs full .NET Standard applications on embeddable microcontrollers.


Use the full .NET platform and tooling such as Visual Studio and plug-and-play hardware drivers to painlessly build IoT solutions.


Utilize native support for WiFi, Ethernet, and Cellular connectivity to send sensor data to the Cloud and remotely control your peripherals.


Instantly deploy and manage your fleet in the cloud for OtA, health-monitoring, logs, command + control, and enterprise backend integrations.


What do you get
with Meadow?

Meadow is a complete solution that simplifies sophisticated IoT solution development and maintenance.

Our clients Love us

"Power of Enterprise IoT"

Most other IoT solutions were too proprietary, designed for hobbyists or STEM education, or were too expensive for small farms and homesteads. The Meadow IoT platform is an incredible innovation for the agricultural industry, with it I can bring the power of enterprise IoT to small-scale farming, and I take great pride in being a part of it.

Jeff Julian
Co-founder, Julian LLC
How it Works

"Changing .NET history"

I’m thrilled about Wilderness Lab’s Meadow IoT Platform, which unlocks new possibilities for the world's developing economies. With its focus on .NET, security, and ease-of-use, Meadow has the potential to transform the way we build, test and deploy entire IoT solutions to create a more sustainable future.

John Kattenhorn
CEO of Applicita and Cofounder at 4RDigital

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