Keynote Including Meadow v1.0 Announcement

CEO of GitHub, Thomas Dohmke, Kicks off DevCamp Day 1 by introducing Wilderness Labs CEO & Cofounder, Bryan Costanich. CEO/Cofounder Bryan Costanich steps on stage to kick-off DevCamp 2023 with exciting announcements, along with various demos and new products shipping in the coming months.


Meadow.Cloud launch with Bryan Costanich and Scott Hanselman

Join Wilderness Labs CEO/Cofounder Bryan Costanich and .NET PM extraordinaire, Scott Hanselman as they bring Meadow.Cloud to the masses in this livestream launch event. Come see how Meadow.Cloud extends the Meadow platform to provide end-to-end IoT device management, orchestration, and enterprise data backend integration as they walk through Bryan’s automated greenhouse system, Cultivar.

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