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Connect and manage
your IoT devices for free.
Up to 25 Devices
Over-the-air (OtA) updates
Health monitoring
Device Logs + Events
Command + Control
All enterprise integrations
72-hour data retention
10,000 integration transactions per month
Email + Chat support
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Manage your IoT fleet
at scale.
Includes first 100 devices
($1/mo each extra device)
All Development features
Teams with up to 5 users
30-day data retention
Unlimited integration transactions


Manage fleet deployments within high-security environments
Unlimited Devices
All Production features
Private cloud availability
Engineering services
Volume discounts
Unlimited users
Unlimited data retention
Unlimited integration transactions
Dedicated support

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Hardware Kits

Visit our store for pricing on Meadow devices and IoT kits.

All hardware purchases include a Meadow license. For licensing Meadow into your custom circuits, please contact us.

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