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Want to build IoT/connected things? You've come to the right place. We're dedicated to making hardware development as fast and easy as software development.

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Introducing Meadow TM

.NET Standard 2.0 meets IoT.

Meadow by Wilderness Labs is the only Connected Things platform that runs full .NET Standard 2.0 apps on a microcontroller. Cloud managed, secure and embeddable. Real .Net for Real IoT.

Energy-efficient STM32F7 microcontroller with WiFi, BLE. 216MHz, 18MB RAM, 32MB Flash, 2D graphics and JPEG acceleration–powerful enough for machine vision and AI, small and efficient enough to be embedded anywhere.

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The Gold Standard

Netduino ®

Still the Gold Standard

With support from .NET eventing, WiFi, ethernet, microSD, realtime debugging, and more-there is no better board today for building .NET MicroFramework applications than Netduino

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By Wilderness Labs

Ready to start prototyping awesome?

Netduino.foundation is a framework built on the .Net MicroFramework that makes building building Connected Things using the .NET MicroFramework a breeze. Created by Wilderness Labs, and maintained by the Netduino community, it’s completely open source, with a massive hardware peripheral driver library and a handrolled API to make use of them delightful.

Netduino Foundation Website
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Getting Started Guide

Get building today! Check out our guide on configuring your Netduino development environment and deploying your first application. Find downloads, source files, and firmware updates. Both Mac OS and Windows instructions available.

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– Ready to dive deep?

Learn modern electronics from the ground up. Start with atoms and learn to build modern electronic circuits that integrate with Netduino.

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Check Out Sample Projects Below

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Getting Started with Netduino

Get up and running with Netduino; configure your development environment, and deploy your first application to blink the onboard LED with this walkthrough.

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Expanding IO Ports of Netduino with a MCP23008

Sometimes you run out of IO ports on your main prototype board. Netduino works seamlessly with different IO expanders, like an MCP23008.

This project shows you how to use a MCP23008 I/O port expander to extend peripheral support seamlessly and control (8) leds using only two (2) control wires.

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Build your own Simon game.

Build a game inspired by the classic memory game Simon using Netduino.Foundation with buttons, lights, and sound!

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Remote Control a Servo Using Netduino and Xamarin!

Get familiar with Maple, a RESTful web server running on network capable Netduinos, and control a servo remotely with a Xamarin app!

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