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Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Meadow.Cloud is a complete solution for your IoT fleet at scale. From OtA to Command + Control, manage your remote devices seamlessly.


Create a free developer account at


Provision a cloud compatible device and connect it to a network via Ethernet, WiFi, or Cellular.


Start automatically sending health metrics, log device data, update your device over-the-air, and more!


Meadow.Cloud is
an all-in-one platform

From OtA updates to remote configuration, Meadow.Cloud ensures painless management of devices from one to over a million.

Peace of mind

Defense Grade Security

Meadow.Cloud was built with security as the first priority and is trusted by critical infrastructure and defense customers.

Private/on-premise cloud capabilities for defense, critical infrastructure, and data-sensitive use cases.

Signed, encrypted OtA updates keep devices secure in the field.

Secure cryptographic key-based device identity enables unspoofable authentication and end-to-end message encryption.

Plus all the extras


Observe field-deployed device health in realtime with advanced health metrics, crash reporting, and uptime analytics.

Logs + Events

Built-in device to cloud datastreaming enable automatic synchronization of logs and events with Meadow.Cloud to power reporting and integrations.

Anomaly Detection

Powerful, AI-driven anomaly detection finds issues before they become a problem.

Over-the-Air (OtA) Updates

Built-In OtA updates enabled by a secure bootloader with full automatic rollback ensures uninterrupted operations in the field.

Command + Control

Integrated, end-to-end encrypted push-messaging enables remote control of assets in the field.

Enterprise Integration

Forward your device datastreams from Meadow.Cloud to your enterprise backends with a suite of integrations from Azure EventHub to Datacake.

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