How it Works

Build secure IoT applications in a fraction of time using best-in-class tooling and frameworks.


Build on real embedded microcontroller (MCU) hardware with full .NET running at native C/C++ performance with JiT and AoT compilation on an open-source µRTOS.

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Write once

Go from prototype to production on the same hardware and same code. No more rewrites for production embedded hardware. You can even run the same code across MCUs, SBCs, and the desktop.

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Modern Hardware APIs

No need to fuss with low level code. We’ve re-imagined legacy, low-level hardware APIs with modern .NET patterns and security.

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Use our massive sensor and peripheral library for a consistent and powerful developer experience. Simply plug in your hardware, pull downt he Nuget pacakge, and go!

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Built to scale

Production ready from the start.

Meadow.OS was designed to build production IoT solutions. From security through enterprise backend integrations, Meadow was built to scale.

Defense Grade Security

With built-in OtA updates, full automatic rollbacks, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) features like hardware-accelerated encryption, and managed-code, Meadow is meant for the wild.

Production Hardware

Volume production SoMs simplifies your supply chain with guaranteed allocation and ITAR-certified factory-deployed applications enable you to scale with zero effort.

Enterprise Integrations

Bring your own cloud with direct access to Azure, GCP, or AWS. Plus a full network stack across any connectivity method means that you can integrate directly into your enterprise backend without middleware services and vendor lock.

Connect any way you want

Build with WiFi or Ethernet, deploy with cellular,
with no application code changes.

Ethernet + PoE

A requirement for industrial contexts, ethernet support with full network stack support is built in. Add PoE for power without the extra cabling and costs.


Remotely deploy your devices with cellular connectivity in a snap with cell modem support and simple integration via config files. Bring your own SIM means you're not locked into a plan, and can leverage your existing enterprise data agreements.


All Meadow MCU hardware has WiFi built in with support for external antennas, and easy configuration for automatic SSID connection, and beautiful APIs to manage on the fly.


Full BLE support means that you can extend your IoT device data and control to mobile and WiFi configuration reference samples enables painless WiFi network provisioning at install time.

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