We've solved the hard part of hardware so you don't have to.

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Prototype and deploy with embeddedable dev kits.

Prototype and build quickly with our embeddable Feather form-factor development kit. Complete with WiFi, Bluetooth, 32MB of RAM, 32MB of flash memory, and all the hardware IO you can imagine.

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Start building with hack kits.

Our Hack Kits consist of a high quality, hand selected array of components to get you up and running, building and learning IoT today. With sensors, motors, servos, displays, and hundreds of other components, the Hack Kit is the fastest, easiest way to start exploring hardware builds for you or your team

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Go to Scale with industrial SMT Modules.

Ready to go to scale with or need an ultra-small form factor for your Meadow solutions? Our SMT modules are designed with production in mind. They have all the IO of our embedded dev kits, but add Ethernet support, SD card for additional storage, and are only 28mm x 28mm.

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License Meadow into Custom Circuits

Do you have a specialized need that requires a custom integration? License Meadow directly into your circuits for as low as $5/device.

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