Build embedded solutions as fast and easy as mobile or web apps with Meadow.

Using full .NET Standard, on embeddable microcontrollers.

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Meadow F7

Develop on real embeddable hardware with the F7 Micro Development Kit. STM32F7 MCU with ESP-32 co-processor. WiFi, BLE, 32MB RAM, 64MB Flash. 25 GPIO ports, PWM, I2C, SPI, CAN, UART and integrated LiPo battery charger.

Meadow F7

Meadow Platform

Micro Real-Time OS (┬ÁRTOS) and full .NET Standard compatible runtime with full-stack IoT APIs for connectivity, power, sleep, and more. Easily integrate motors, sensors, graphic displays, cameras, and perform industrial control with integrated PID.

Plug & Play

Meadow.Foundation has everything you need to build sophisticated IoT solutions with very little effort. From sensors to displays, it has you covered with curated drivers that are designed to work with each other. Just plug your peripheral in, and access it via well-designed APIs.

Documentation & Samples

Our fantastic documentation demystifies IoT and hardware.

Modern Tooling

Choose from your favorite IDEs, Visual Studio or VS Code on both Mac and Windows. And enjoy step-by-step, on-device realtime debugging.

Access the Entire .NET Standard Catalog.

Use industry standard APIs like JSON.NET, add cryptography libraries, or integrate with cloud APIs in seconds using thousands of publicly-available Nuget packages.

Google Dev

Rich Hardware Ecosystem

The Meadow dev-kit is based on the Adafruit Feather form-factor, which means there's a huge number of Featherwings available to add on.

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