IoT for the Enterprise.

Create IoT solutions in a fraction of the time and cost, using existing teams and skill sets with Meadow.

Manage those solutions in the field at scale with Meadow.Cloud.

Reduce project cost and time to market with Meadow.


Use existing .NET teams and code. Build at a fraction of the time and cost.


Build once. Prototype on real embedded devices with Meadow hardware.


Go to production with the same hardware, or use industrial SMT Meadow modules with the same code.


License Meadow into custom circuits for special needs or ultra-large production runs.

Defense-Grade Security

Meadow is secure from the hardware up.

  1. Secure-boot signed and encrypted application firmware to prevent side loading of non-authorized code.
  2. Over-the-Air app and OS updates keep devices secure in the field.
  3. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware-based security features, including high-strength hardware encryption.
  4. Drop-in application components for secure access, configuration, and more.
  5. IoT Signed-at-Source integration options for blockchain, crypto storage, unique digital identity, merkel-tree validation, and more.

City Cloud Representation

Deploy & Manage at scale with Meadow.Cloud

Choices of Cloud

Integrate with the cloud of your choice.

Easily connect to Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.